A Real Housewife Confesses: “Yes, I Was Airbrushed”


Terrorists may be hijacking planes – but a reality star has a dangerous confession.

The Real Housewife of New York City Bethanny Frankel is finally admitting what was painstakingly obvious to the rest of the world: she was airbrushed to her life in a recent PETA ad.

Bethanny, who is shooting a scandalous new season of the Real Housewives, told The Today Show’s Matt Lauer:

There was a rogue boob they took out. It’s a little airbrushed, but the truth is, here it is. I don’t care.

And the bigger (un air-brushed picture)?

It’s a great cause. It’s a good reason to get naked. There are other reasons, many reasons, but that’s a great reason to get naked. It wasn’t like I was posing for a fitness video or I was trying to be a model. It was about not wearing fur, which I’m really passionate about.

Who cares if she’s airbrushed? Actually, does anyone really believe she wouldn’t be airbrushed? She’s nekkid on a building in Times Square. Hello World!

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