Peta’s Latest Anti-Fur Ad, With Dave Navarro


Dave Navarro is the latest to jump on a Peta “I’d rather go naked” campaign.

The Janes Addiction rocker used to be a frequent wearer of  fur, until someone showed him one of those videos of animals being skinned alive for their fur.

(It’s like the equivalent of someone showing you the news clip where the cook from a certain KFC was taped spitting on the chicken in the back.  That’s not going to stop you from going to other KFC’s where this disgusting person doesn’t work.  Also, yes I referenced delicious KFC in a Peta post.)

Regardless, Dave Navarro is still “wearing fur” of sorts in the photo, which is kind of gross.

Dave told Peta in an exclusive interview; “Several years ago, I saw video footage of animals being skinned alive and screaming, and it honestly is the most horrific, inhumane thing I’ve ever seen.
Some of the simple things you can do to help save animals is not buy fur, stay away from products that have been animal tested. It’s really very, very simple to just support something or buy something that doesn’t brutalize animals like this.”

Happy pay-day, Dave!

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