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Catholics Don’t Like Dog-Saving Whores

Surprise, surprise. The Catholic church is not responding favorably to PETA’s new ad. The ad depicts a sexed-up Joanna Krupa as a lovely angel, covering her lady bits tastefully with a crucifix as a pack of dogs watch on excitedly. How could this be considered sacreligious? It’s giving dolls all over the world a joyous […]

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Happy Thanksgiving! NBC Bans PETA Ad

Wanna see the ad that NBC refused to play during its Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade? ‘Grace,’ the PETA ad in question, which features a young girl reciting grace in reference to the plight of turkeys, has drawn a national uproar. What do you think? Does it leave a bad taste in your mouth or is a […]

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The Real Bella!

Twilight cast member Christian Serratos posed for a new PETA ad which has just made it’s way onto the internet. You may be saying who?  Well she plays Kristen Stewart’s high school friend, Angela Webber. Yeah, could have fooled me too!  Either they did a number on her in retouches, or she’s grown up a […]

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Diego Luna Wants Safe Sex Now!

Mexican actor Diego Luna is the spokesperson for a bilingual PETA poster campaign addressing dog & cat overpopulation by promoting spaying and neutering. The Y Tu Mamá También star replaces his usual partner-in-everything Gael Garcia Bernal with his furry friend Frey, and the two star in English & Spanish posters proclaiming “Animals need to have […]

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Watch Pamela Anderson’s Sexy, Banned PETA Commercial

In America, you can watch commercials about flatulence, menstrual cycles, 48 hour erections, yeast infections, but apparently not… animal cruelty. A PETA video starring Pamela Anderson and Andy Dick has been banned. The tongue-in-cheek, airport security-themed video that targets fur coat wearers has been deemed dangerous for children – by none other than CNN. What?! […]

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Obama Would Hurt a Fly

During a meeting at the White House yesterday that was being videotaped,  a pesky fly was buzzing around the President, naturally, just like the rest of us, he whacked it down with a piece of paper. You could hear Mr. Obama then say “I got the sucker.” Of course PeTA had something to say about […]

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Reason 139389027 to Hate PETA.

PETA recently issued a letter to Jessica Simpson urging her not to perform at Sea World San Diego this weekend. In the letter, PETA rep Michelle Cho says to the singer (who’s career is barely hanging on by the way) “As someone who is used to living in a fishbowl and having the public weigh […]

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Pamela Anderson Saving the Monkeys.

Pamela Anderson is trying to save the animals again.  This time, it’s the monkeys of Florida. Anderson and PETA have teamed up in writing a letter to Florida Governor, Charlie Crist, urging him to free the apes who are living capive in many of the states road side zoo’s. Pam claims these primates are living […]

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Clooney Makes ER Return!

I’m sure ER fans all tuned in, and probably the big time Clooney fans as well, but it seems as if George Clooney’s actual appearance on ER was not as hyped up as the announcement that he was going to be on the show. Clooney made his return to the show that launched his career […]

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Britney’s Tour Gets the Okay From PETA.

At least you know now that you wont have to endure a bunch of loud mouth PETA protesters screaming about how elephants hate wearing hats when you head off to see Britney Spears’ Circus tour this spring,  Because the animal f*cker organization have given Britney their praise. Though she included an elephant in her music […]

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