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Barack Obama Reloaded

Amid slipping democratic voter support, President Barak Obama went back on the campaign trail for the first time since 2008. After campaigns in Delaware, Massachusetts and Ohio, Obama will be heading West to Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Minneapolis. It seems like this time his road will be much bumpier though. Up […]

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Spike Lee Dogging Obama Again

Spike Lee might be one of the many who are withing they could have their 2008 ballot back these days. For the second time, Spike is criticizing President Obama for failure to handle the oil spill the way he should have. Lee tells GQ magazine: “I don’t know why Obama ever trusted these BP guys! […]

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Sarah Palin Tweets About Obama on ‘The View’

Oh come on, you didn’t think she could resist this opportunity did you? After President Obama appeared on The View this past week, to talk  about  hot topics in our country right now, such as Snooki, the criticism was pouring in from the right, and even from the left. Sarah Palin decided to throw in […]

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Barack Obama Debuts Standup Routine at White House Dinner

Barack Obama, who apparently doesn’t have much else to do besides tell jokes, told some jokes at the White House correspondents dinner this past weekend in Washington DC. People at the event had high regard for President Obama’s comedy routine, but was it REALLY that funny? Check it out for yourself below and be the […]

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Obama’s Site Offereing “Big F*ckin Deal” on T-shirt

So it begins! Vice President Joe Biden’s intelligent slip up at a news conference a little over a week ago is the Dems latest ploy to make a buck! When Biden gave President Obama a hug during his introduction after the Health Reform bill passed, he slipped up and said “This is a big f*ckin […]

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Matt Damon ‘Let Down’ By President Obama So Far

Seems to be a pretty frequent trend these days!  President Obama is slowly losing his celebs supporters. After a campaign that promised so much and has done so little, actor Matt Damon has revealed that he’s a little disappointed in President Obama’s performance so far. Though he does point out that you can’t expect one […]

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Sticking With the Motto of “Change”, Obama “Changes” His Mind, Breaks Campaign Promise

Surprised?  President Barack Obama has decided to forget about something he promised at least 8 times during his 2008 campaign, to televise the health care debate. According to the New York Post, this past Tuesday President Obama urged the senate democrats to skip out on the usual process of debate, and hammer out a health […]

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Obama Taxes Tanning Salons; The Jersey Shore Cast Riots

Oh Barry, now this is what I call change! In the latest amendment to Obama’s health care bill, it will be tanning salons that are facing a 10% tax. Originally put in place to tax plastic surgeons, called the bo-tax, (get it, botox/bo-tax) plastic surgeons came forward screaming unfairness towards women so the democratic who-evers […]

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Diddy Wants Adoption from Obama

It’s only fair considering that it’s because of Diddy that President Obama is in the White House that he adopt the rapper as a son of his own right? According to Diddy, yes! While speaking with Playboy for an upcoming issue, Diddy proclaimed; “I think we are probably responsible for (Barack) Obama being in office, […]

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Golf Digest January: “10 Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger”…Oh the irony!

Talk about timing!  While Tiger Woods is facing the darkest days of his life and emerging as a person most of us never expected or would want anything to do with,  Golf Digest is ready to release it’s cover featuring Tiger Woods and Barack Obama. The cover headline, (which probably went into press long before […]

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