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Annie Leibovitz Shoots Official Obama Family Portrait

Famed photographer Annie Liebowitz has taken her most prized photograph: America’s First Family. The Vanity Fair photographer earned the prestigious job of snapping Barack & Co. Liebowitz had previously shot Barack before for the cover of Vanity Fair. The new image, released today by the White House, was taken on Sept. 1 in the White […]

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Good News for Immigration Reform: Obama Can Salsa!

Last night, President Obama got down salsa-style with muy caliente Mexican pop singer, Thalia. Unlike most Fiestas we’ve been to, he didn’t wake up hungover in Echo Park. Probably sick  to death of Bush’s White House music playlist, Michelle Obama has brought a new music series to The White House. ‘Fiesta Latina’ is the first […]

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Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

President Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this morning. Really?  I thought you had to actually accomplish something to get that…. Don’t be surprised if he wins American Idol next season either some how… The Superbowl… F*ck it just give him every trophy!

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rio_de janeiro

Rio de Janero Gets 2016 Olympics!

Sorry Chi…It came down to Rio or Madrid to host the 2016 summer games, and in the end the Olympics are going to Rio! Chicago and Tokyo were eliminated early this morning narrowing it down to 2, but a decision was reached around the 1:00 EST hour. Despite lobbying from  President Barry Obama and his […]

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Spencer Pratt: Speidi is No Kardashians!

Here’s one for the LOL list… Spencer Pratt isn’t down with the fact that the Kardashian sisters have been winning in the game of ‘headlines’ lately. But he won’t be quick to admit defeat either, as he thinks that ‘Speidi’ is in a totally different league. Pratt tells the New York Post; “Speidi is Barack […]

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Oh Yes He Did. Barack Obama Thinks Kanye Is A “Jackass”

You know you’ve fuc*ed up when the president is calling you a “Jackass.” Reports are circulating that in an unguarded moment, ABC News reporter Terry Moran overheard Obama call Kanye West a “Jackass.” What’s a hard-nosed reporter to do? Post the gossip on Twitter, of course – where it has spread like wildfire. Due to […]

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Smackdown on El Presidente?

There was a time when the only thing news worthy were about Sarah Palin. Then Barack Obama won the election and she was essentially banished off to Alaska. Well now that Barry has been in office for a solid eight months, It’s time for the runners up to let him know how he’s doing. Sarah […]

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Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Barack Obama turns 48 today! He should totally milk the “it’s my birthday!” thing during the day. Congress doesn’t want to pass his healthcare bill-  he should go to the Senate floor and yell, “but it’s my biiiiiiiiirthday!” and people roll their eyes but do it anyway. You know who else has a birthday today? […]

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Obama Throws a Baseball at Dominican Immigrant

Continuing a tradition going back to 1910, President Obama threw out the first pitch at a St. Louis Cardinals game yesterday. Obama pitched the ball to Cardinals hitter, Albert Pujols, who had to do some manuevering to catch it. Let’s just say Obama shouldn’t quit his day job. Check out the video after the jump

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What Will Michelle Think?

This story is too good not to share! HA!

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