Rio de Janero Gets 2016 Olympics!

rio_de janeiro

Sorry Chi…It came down to Rio or Madrid to host the 2016 summer games, and in the end the Olympics are going to Rio!

Chicago and Tokyo were eliminated early this morning narrowing it down to 2, but a decision was reached around the 1:00 EST hour.

Despite lobbying from  President Barry Obama and his wife Michelle, as well as Oprah,  Chicago was left on the chopping block, with a decision on if they should try again for 2020.

But look at that picture of Rio above, and tell me how you could choose Chicago over that!

That picture has Olympics written all over it!

Before Rio though, we still have the 2012 games in London.

*Note to all Chinese parents as long as you can pop out a child in the next 8 months they will still be eligible for the London games.

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