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Jamie Foxx Was Joking When He Called Barack Obama “Our Lord And Savior”

Actor Jamie Foxx was criticized big time on the Internet for referring to President Barack Obama as “Our Lord and Savior” during a recent awards show, but the actor insists it was only a joke in the name of comedy! Foxx told the audience at the Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas, “It’s like church […]

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Watch President Obama’s Acceptance Speech

Late last night President Obama hit the stage to deliver his acceptance speech after winning re-election against Mitt Romney. Check out the video below. How do you think the next four years will be ?  

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Watch Mitt Romney’s Concession Speech

After a long hard fought campaign, Mitt Romney took to the stage to concede defeat to Barack Obama. The Republican nominee kept his supporters waiting nearly two hours hoping that something had gone wrong in the projections, as he was very confidant in winning the election, but after a higher voter turnout than originally expected, […]

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President Obama Wins Re-election

President Barack Obama beat his challenger Mitt Romney  by a (still tentative) electoral vote score of 303-206 to win re-election. Yes, it’s Wednesday afternoon already and they STILL don’t have Florida figured out. Not that it matters, but it could have, and as Mr. Obama said in his acceptance speech on Tuesday night, “we need […]

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Kim Kardashian Votes Absentee In The Final Hours

Celebrities are mega busy, and Kim Kardashian’s schedule could certainly leave her out of town on election day, but why wait so long to turn in her absentee ballot? Yes, this is what absentee ballots are for.  But why is Kimmy sending it in just one day before the election? Kim took to her Instagram […]

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Miley Cyrus, Other Celebrities Rock The Vote

Celebrities are reminding their fans how important it is to exercise your right to vote in the presidential election today. Check out these videos which feature stars including Selena Gomez, Ellen Degeneres, Zac Efron, Leonardo Dicaprio, Busy Phillips, Miley Cyrus, and Neil Patrick Harris as they urge you to rock the vote! It’s your choice who you […]

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Beyonce Writes Letter To Barack Obama

On the final night of the campaigns before today’s historic election, Beyonce took to her website to write a letter to President Barack Obama. Her husband Jay-Z joined the POTUS at a campaign stop in Ohio on Monday, where he changed the lyrics to one of his famous tunes to “I got 99 Problems but […]

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Chris Rocks Last Minute Message To White Voters

Remember: Chris Rock is a comedian. No matter who you intend on voting for on Tuesday, you should be able to laugh when something is funny! Chris Rock appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live from Brooklyn with a special message aimed at white voters. The comedian says if you’re looking for a white candidate to vote […]

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Will Ferrell Launches Get out The Vote Campaign

The always hilarious Will Ferrell has released a new video online urging citizens of the USA to vote in tomorrow’s election. Ferrell is a supporter of President Barack Obama, and the video was posted through the official Barack Obama YouTube channel.   The funny man promises that in return for voting, he will do just […]

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Madonna Booed During Louisiana Performance For Endorsing Barack Obama

Madonna was showered with boos during a concert in New Orleans on Saturday night after she called on fans to vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming election. After asking those in attendance who was registered to vote, Madonna told the crowd, “I don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote for […]

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