Kim Kardashian Votes Absentee In The Final Hours

Celebrities are mega busy, and Kim Kardashian’s schedule could certainly leave her out of town on election day, but why wait so long to turn in her absentee ballot?

Yes, this is what absentee ballots are for.  But why is Kimmy sending it in just one day before the election?

Kim took to her Instagram to show off her ballot and wrote, “Sending in my absentee ballot now!!! Make sure you vote!!!!”

You can assume her vote in California, whichever way she may vote, will not be an election changer, however does this bring in to question the process of absentee voting?

Should there be an earlier deadline for mailing in your ballot to ensure it’s there to be counted on election day? ┬áMany people are dealing with absentee issues this election, including those in the military, who may not have the option to vote because the ballots did not arrive in time.

Should that not be the first priority, to ensure those serving our country have the chance to cast their vote from wherever they may be trying to make America a safer place?

Sending in my absentee ballot now!!! Make sure you vote!!!!

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