Beyonce Writes Letter To Barack Obama

On the final night of the campaigns before today’s historic election, Beyonce took to her website to write a letter to President Barack Obama.

Her husband Jay-Z joined the POTUS at a campaign stop in Ohio on Monday, where he changed the lyrics to one of his famous tunes to “I got 99 Problems but Mitt ain’t one.”  (Many on Twitter noted that he also kept the lyrics in which he referred to women as “hoes” during his performance as well)

“President Obama, Everyday we see your heart and character, inspiring all of us to give more of ourselves.

“You are the leader to take us from where we are to where we need to be. You are the reason my daughter and nephew will grow up knowing that they can truly be ANYTHING they want to be. All my respect and adoration, Beyonce.”

Tonight we find out if Barack Obama will get a second term, or his challenger Mitt Romney will become the 45th President.

Did you vote?  You have a few more hours to do so.


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