Lindsay Lohan Facing Jail Time Over Lying To Police?

Lindsay Lohan’s troubles seem to be sticking around a bit longer.  Lohan told a little white lie to police over the summer, and she may now have to pay for it.

Lohan was involved in an automobile accident over the summer, and she denied being the driver.  This is back in June when her rented Porsche struck an 18-wheeler.

Lohan told officers on the scene that she wasn’t driving at the time, but it seems that she may have been. Several witnesses on the scene have described her as the driver, and lying to police officers is a misdemeanor.

According to a new report on TMZ, the Santa Monica City attorney is filing a charge against the actress sometime in the coming days.

Cops at the scene found prescription drugs in her purse, and although Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Holley claims the pills were being properly used, Witnesses are claiming that the pills were also strewn across the interior of the car.  Holley was able to produce doctors orders that will keep authorities from pressing any charges of drug abuse in the case.

Still on probation from the jewelry theft case over a year ago, if Lohan is found to have violated her probation during the accident, and lying to police, she could serve time.




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