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Diddy Taking Sining Lessons For ‘Diddy Dirty Money’

Diddy is about to debut his new singing trio, Diddy Dirty Money, and he wanted his voice to be in tip top shape for it, so he took singing lessons. The Badboy Records mogul has teamed up with Kalenna Harper and Dawn Richards to form the group, who’s debut album, Last Train to Paris, will […]

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Diddy Owes NYC One Million Dollars!

P Diddy better watch his legs, because the commissioner of finance in New York City is threatening to turn him upside down until the money falls out of his pockets! No, it’s not school yard bully lunch money tactics, but apparently Diddy owes NYC $1 million dollars for a guerrilla marketing campaign of plastering promo […]

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Diddy Defends Sons Birthday Gift, Pranking Jonah Hill

P Diddy caught a lot of flack for buying his son a $400,000 car as a sixteenth birthday gift, but he’s defending his own decision to do so. During a recent interview Diddy explained: “I think it’s appropriate to give my kids whatever I want to give my kids. I feel the way I raise […]

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Diddslexia: Diddy Throws Son a Vegas Bday Bash

Most kids wish for that wild 21st brithday in Sin City, but when we’re talking about someone like P. Diddy, you can go ahead and flip that to 12! Diddy’s son, Christian, and 20 of his friends, were treated to a four day weekend in Las Vegas by the rap mogul in honor of his […]

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P. Diddy: Sky is NOT the Limit for BIG Memorial Party Admission

Fans of the late Notorious B.I.G were peeved when they showed up to a memorial party Tuesday night in NYC only to be hit with a $100 to $150 entry fee! The party, which was held in honor of the rapper on the 13th anniversary of his death was to be headlined by a performance […]

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Diddy “Working” to Pay off Sons Birthday Gifts

This sort of thing is the reason why P. Diddy was able to give his son a $360,000 car for his  super sweet sixteen this past Saturday at a party in New York City. A wealthy club owner from Houston, TX  has hired the rap mogul to host 3 nights of parties during the NBA’s […]

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Diddy Wants Adoption from Obama

It’s only fair considering that it’s because of Diddy that President Obama is in the White House that he adopt the rapper as a son of his own right? According to Diddy, yes! While speaking with Playboy for an upcoming issue, Diddy proclaimed; “I think we are probably responsible for (Barack) Obama being in office, […]

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Bond is the New Black!

Three famous black celebs have thrown their name into the hat to become the next James Bond when the current Bond, Daniel Crag, finishes his duties as the famed super agent. First it was P. Diddy, who even ponied up a bunch of money to film a promotional spot for his new fragrance as a […]

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Diddy Works Out Without Breaking a Sweat.

We EXCLUSIVELY spotted P. Diddy leaving Equonox gym in West Hollywood this past week. He wasn’t in there for too too long, and doesn’t appear to have broken much of a sweat during his gym time, so it would be interesting to see what he actually did while inside. A source who was in the […]

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Diddy Launches Worst Website Ever.

P. Diddy launched his most recent marketing tool in a new website for his upcoming ‘Last Train to Paris’ album, the only problem is, there’s no album info.  In fact, theres no info at all. If you like show off graphics and sites that play annoying songs, you should go!    When you get there, you’ll […]

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