Bond is the New Black!


Three famous black celebs have thrown their name into the hat to become the next James Bond when the current Bond, Daniel Crag, finishes his duties as the famed super agent.

First it was P. Diddy, who even ponied up a bunch of money to film a promotional spot for his new fragrance as a Bond like character.  Then it was Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx, who stated he thinks he’s most fit to play the first black Bond.

Now Will Smith has stepped up to the plate, offering what could be the most valid reason on becoming the first black 007.

Smith said in a recent interview; “Puff probably lives the most like James Bond and Jamie Foxx got the swagger for James Bond. He can sing too, so he can add a new element to Bond, wooing the ladies. But I think I can guarantee the box office!”

So while Puff would be good as a natural, theres his acting experience, and the thought of James Bond doing musical numbers will turn off the hardcore fans, so why wouldn’t a studio go with one of the biggest if not the biggest box office success actors there is?

But it raises the question, can you take an established character from more than 20 films and just turn him into an African American??

What do ya’ll think?

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One Response to Bond is the New Black!

  1. October 7, 2010 at 9:39 am #

    Will Smith would be a Great James Bond.

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