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Stephanie Pratt Headed for ‘The City?’

Could the end of The Hills have Stephanie Pratt jetting off to NYC to join The City? According to a rumor,  Pratt is likely to move to the big apple once The Hills is done filming, pursue a career in who knows what, however it could all be documented by MTV as part of the […]

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New York City Lands 2014 Super Bowl

It’s extremely rare, but the big apple has won a bid for the 2014 Super Bowl. The annual game is usually played in warm weather locations such as Florida, and Arizona, with the occasional trip to a cold weather city but played inside a dome (2005 in Detroit), but  four years from now, the big […]

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Jessica Alba’s Fish Stick Fire

Woops!  FDNY had to pay a little visit to Jessica Alba’s hotel room on Wednesday when she set off smoke alarms trying to make dinner for her daughter, Honor. Alba was trying to heat up frozen fish sticks, but wasn’t sure about how to use the oven.  Whatever way she chose was wrong and filled […]

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P. Diddy: Sky is NOT the Limit for BIG Memorial Party Admission

Fans of the late Notorious B.I.G were peeved when they showed up to a memorial party Tuesday night in NYC only to be hit with a $100 to $150 entry fee! The party, which was held in honor of the rapper on the 13th anniversary of his death was to be headlined by a performance […]

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NYC Friends!!!

If you’re in the city tonight,  socialite Niko Liakaris is hosting  Le Masquerade at the Soho Grand Hotel! If you’re going to the Lady GaGa show in Jersey tonight, this is the perfect place to party afterwards!!! Each and every Thursday this is one of the hottest spots  in New York City.  With special guest […]

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James Gandolfini Assaults Photogrpher

James Gandolfini was about as serious as his character on The Sopranos when he encountered a photographer in NYC this week. James, carrying a Homer Simpson mask? approached the photog and when the photog told him to relax he said “don’t tell me to relax get the f*ck away from me” When the photog picked […]

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Jessica Hart is Cruella De Vil

Supermodel Jessica Hart got all decked out in a Cruella De Vil costume for Kelly Brady’s Halloween party this year in NYC before heading over to South Side to host a party of her own. Jessica’s boyfriend Nicholas Potts dressed as the grim reaper. They make a great looking (evil) couple all dressed up like […]

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NYC Nightclub Lifts Lohan Ban

Lindsay Lohan got banned from NYC hot spot Avenue after she tweeted about Justin Timberlake dancing with another woman inside the club, while he was dating Jessica Biel. Well now Lindsay’s ban from the club has been lifted according to the New York Post. Lindsay, according to the paper, “besieged the management with calls and […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! All Smiles for Chynna Phillips

Despite all the drama that’s been going on with her half sister Mackenzie Phillips, Chynna Phillips was all smiles when we spotted her EXCLUSIVELY in NYC. That’s because Chynna is celebrating her return to the music scene as part of the christian contemporary duo Chynna and Vaughan. The duo (with signer/songwriter Vaughan Penn) released their […]

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Jessica Hart; Model Behavior in NYC

Checkout these Starzlife EXCLUSIVE pics of new Victoria’s Secret model Jessica Hart as she stops by a Victoria’s Secret store in NYC to pick out some new undies.

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