James Gandolfini Assaults Photogrpher


James Gandolfini was about as serious as his character on The Sopranos when he encountered a photographer in NYC this week.

James, carrying a Homer Simpson mask? approached the photog and when the photog told him to relax he said “don’t tell me to relax get the f*ck away from me”

When the photog picked back up his video camera James hit him in the camera and told him he’d “break his f*ckin face.”

The whole time you could hear the photographers mom yelling “get away from my son.”

Not sure why the photogs mom was out on the job with him.

It’d be an even bigger shame if the photog was just a tourist trying to film a celeb but not for profit or exposure.

James Gandolfini Assaults photographer from Guest of a Guest on Vimeo.

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