Diddy Defends Sons Birthday Gift, Pranking Jonah Hill

P Diddy caught a lot of flack for buying his son a $400,000 car as a sixteenth birthday gift, but he’s defending his own decision to do so.

During a recent interview Diddy explained: “I think it’s appropriate to give my kids whatever I want to give my kids. I feel the way I raise my children, I don’t have to explain to you or anyone else, ’cause nobody knows the way I raise my children…It’s what I wanted to do. I could do whatever I want to do and you can’t question me about it.”

Diddy also told of a prank he played on his Get Him to the Greek co-star, Jonah Hill, by driving down Sunset Blvd  and pretending he had a loaded gun on him.  He apparently waited weeks to tell the actor that it was all a prank.

What do you guys think?   Should Diddy have not bought his son such an expensive car?  Or who cares, he can afford it so he should do what he wants.

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