Diddy Owes NYC One Million Dollars!

P Diddy better watch his legs, because the commissioner of finance in New York City is threatening to turn him upside down until the money falls out of his pockets!

No, it’s not school yard bully lunch money tactics, but apparently Diddy owes NYC $1 million dollars for a guerrilla marketing campaign of plastering promo posters all around the city.

He’s not the only one either!  Fellow rapper Doug E. Fresh, Mickey Rourke’s plastic surgeon, and Remy-Ma also owe the city for the postings.

Says Finance Commissioner David Frankel: “We are going to find these people. We’re going to turn them upside down by their ankles and we’re going to shake them until the money comes out of their pockets.”

Better pay up, P!  Not like he doesn’t have the money.

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