The Real Bella!


Twilight cast member Christian Serratos posed for a new PETA ad which has just made it’s way onto the internet.

You may be saying who?  Well she plays Kristen Stewart’s high school friend, Angela Webber.

Yeah, could have fooled me too!  Either they did a number on her in retouches, or she’s grown up a bunch since the first film!

Either way, hopefully she’s present for the second film if she’s going to be looking like that!

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One Response to The Real Bella!

  1. December 1, 2009 at 10:58 pm #

    wow… very., very hot! I do have to say that this is an important situation – fur. Many do not realize how incredibly brutal and heart-less and disturbing the fur industry is. As the caption in this ad says on the top right:

    “Animals killed for their fur are electrocuted, drowned, beaten and often skinned alive. Please don’t wear fur.”

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