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Twilight Sells 3 Million DVDs in ‘First 48’

Even when it’s not Twilight season, Twilight is HUGE! Eclipse was released on DVD last friday night at midnight, and sold three million copies in the first two days! Their competitors didn’t even sell 30% of that amount! We bet a lot of kids are going to be having a Cullen-filled Christmas this year!

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Eclipse Back to Theaters For Bella’s Birthday

Well, if you were Summit ENT you’d bank a few million extra dollars for a weekend’s work whenever you could too. In celebration of Bella Swan’s birthday, which is September 13th in the Twilight saga, Summit will be re-releasing their number one box office smash, Eclipse into theaters for one weekend only. So, if you […]

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Twilight Birthing Scene To Be Shown and Graphic

There’s some good news and some potentially bad news for Twilight fans. The bad news first. Everyone knows in breaking down Bella gives birth to a half human, half vampire child, and that the child birth was extremely graphic in the novel. For Breaking Dawn the film, which will be split into two parts, it […]

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Vampires Suck!

It was only a matter of time, but a vampire spoof film has arrived! The official trailer was just released, and if you are a fan/non fan of Twilight, Lady GaGa, Jersey Shore, or just funny movies you will not want to miss this one. It stars 90210’s Matt Lanter as Edward, and also stars […]

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Twilight Stars Campaigning For Betty White?

Could Betty White be cast in the next Twilight films?  If it was up to the cast members then yes! Some of the films major stars, Kellan Lutz, Peter Francenelli, Julia Jones, and Elizabeth Reaser think White would fit right in to their franchise, with the help of some new technologies. Lutz said during a […]

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Huge Weekend for Eclipse

They may have failed to break any records, but we have a feeling that Summit Ent. and the Twilight franchise is not going to be displeased with their opening weekend. Eclipse brought in a total of $275.5 million world wide over the fourth of July weekend, a weekend that’s not typically known for strong movie […]

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British Eclipse Fans Mad That Stars Skipped the Premiere

Fans in London are upset that they went down to the premiere of Eclipse this Thursday only to find out their beloved Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner had sat this one out. Some waited in line for as long as 36 hours only to be let down when Edward, Bella, and Jacob never […]

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Eclipse Premieres to Record Breaking Numbers

Well what did you guys think?   Was Eclipse a hit or miss?   We say a hit! Could have obviously used a little more Dakota Fanning, but we don’t believe in straying too far away from the books! The good news is, It’s going to be a record breaking opening for the film! It already surpassed […]

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Jersey Shore Vamps it Up on Kimmel

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the cast of Jersey Shore re-enact Twilight on the Jimmy Kimmel Live  Eclipse special that aired last night. Check out ‘Friggin’ Twilight’ Friggin’ hilarious!

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Entertainment Weekly Goes Twi-Hard

There’s a great new interview with Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson on the special edition double cover of the new Entertainment Weekly. Oh by the way, they are calling Eclipse the “BEST Twilight movie so far.” It’s interesting, they ask Kristen Stewart about her comments comparing being hounded by the media to rape, […]

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