British Eclipse Fans Mad That Stars Skipped the Premiere

Fans in London are upset that they went down to the premiere of Eclipse this Thursday only to find out their beloved Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner had sat this one out.

Some waited in line for as long as 36 hours only to be let down when Edward, Bella, and Jacob never walked the red carpet, leaving them to settle for   Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Alex Meraz, Xavier Samuel and Kellan Lutz.

“We are absolutely gutted … absolutely devastated,” one fan told the BBC.

We think this is rubbish.  Fans don’t pay a premium for tickets to go stand outside of a theater to snap a cell phone pic of a celebrity, and though it would normally make sense for a star to be on a red carpet to promote a film, some times they just do it in too many locations!

If they had skipped Hollywood, then there would be reason to complain.

The good news is, a couple peeved Brits isn’t going to slow Twilight’s momentum.  The flick is on pace to break $180 million this weekend!

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