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So Splitzville

Apparently Lindsay Lohan has had some sort of a “falling out” with gal pal Sam Ronson.  That and your Lohan  weekend update  following the  cut.

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OMG Mary Kate Olsen!

Photo courtesy of: New York Post

Hun, what on earth were you thinking? Yellow gold might be back, but that dress is anything but trendy. This picture was taken at the the Gala Institute of Costume where a celebrity gathering was recently held. An event that attracted fashion titans such as Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and Georgio Armani.

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Lohan ain’t lettin Michelle Tanner near her woman!

 This is just too good! Each and every week we speculate Lindsay Lohan‘s relationship with DJ pal Samantha Ronson. It seems as if they are attached at the hip! (or at least at the Joans lunch table)  Well after Lohan’s weekend of troublemaking in New York City, more reports are surfacing from her weekend escapades.

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The FAT One…

Here she is… home girl needs to stop with the push-ups at home because those arms and shoulders are getting bigger than Rumerzilla’s own chin! Hopefully Ashley just gained weight for a 3 second cameo like she did in Factory Girl role she will be auditioning for.

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Ashley Olsen really wants to attend a fetish party.

Could it be Pop Fiction?  Naah! Our beloved Trodents just continue to FREAK the h*ll OUT!! Remember how we recently wondered about the whereabouts of little Miss Poacher, Ashley Olsen?  Well guys, the chica has reappeared!  Ashley Olsen was spotted looking mighty freaky this weekend, as she exited the wedding party of Hollywood stylist, Estee […]

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So Over Them Twins!

I’m so over the midgets Trolsens Olsen Twins and their petty smirks.  So is “uncle” Karl Lagerfeld!  Good. We all know it’s all about Amy Winehouse, NOW.  The picture was only supposed to be Amy and Chanel honcho, Karl Lagerfeld yet once again those pesky rats twins, who hate being photographed while they are out and about, ruined fashion […]

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Dear Trollsen sisters,

Please stop influencing our Hollywood hotties… Okay, okay, don’t attack me!! Barton is looking cute as a button, walking down the street in her vintage retro-cowgirl getup, but I’m still seeing the beginnings of something very familiar…

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are Cruella personified (after a nice day of hunting _ at the SWAMP!)

The glare in their look, the ice in their stare…. you innocent children puppies, you better beware!! Scary, scary, scaaarrryy! Giving Britney a break this week, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, our beloved Trollsen Twins made the cover of Star Magazine. In an article titled “Twisted Sisters”, the world will be given a glimpse of […]

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Hell musta froze over yesterday when Ashley Olsen, the fatter half of the Olsen duo, gave our snappers a smirk. It wasn’t quite a cheeser, but if you think about all that muscle movement involved in making a grin, it probably burnt the few calories that allow her to walk. I’m thinking she’ll now go […]

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