Ashley Olsen really wants to attend a fetish party.

Could it be Pop Fiction?  Naah!


Our beloved Trodents just continue to FREAK the h*ll OUT!!

Remember how we recently wondered about the whereabouts of little Miss Poacher, Ashley Olsen?  Well guys, the chica has reappeared!  Ashley Olsen was spotted looking mighty freaky this weekend, as she exited the wedding party of Hollywood stylist, Estee Stanley on Saturday night.


I knew it!  There just had to be big-time sexual tension, repressed under all those nasty-ass rags!  Sadly though, this twin’s nasty tension, plus her hard-partying ways seem to have gotten her twisted little brain seriously confused!  Not only did she mistake the occasion, Ashley Olsen also confused a fetish mask with that of her alter-ego self!!ashly-olsen-mask-1thumbnail.jpgashly-olsen-mask-2thumbnail.jpgashly-olsen-mask-4thumbnail.jpgFiasco after nasty fiasco, it’s no wonder these girls seem to be so embarrassed lately!!
032008_sl_olsen05.JPG0000002.jpgPS: Just kidding! The outfit was actually part of the wedding party…  Can you believe that?!

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