Things might be getting a tad messy for Project Runway!

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Project Runway seems to be saying “Bra-vo!” to trying new things. In this case, the show has signed a deal with Lifetime Television, which might ultimately get production crew into a hairy legal dispute.

Weinstein Co. (production company for the popular Peabody Award-winning design show) seemingly closed a five year deal with Lifetime Television, without allowing NBC Universal (owner of Bravo TV) to assert its right of refusal, or to match the offer. NBC Universal has since filed a lawsuit against Weinstein at the New York Supreme Court, claiming the deal to be a null and “invalid agreement.”

After filing the lawsuit, NBC Universal released a statement in which it acknowledged their taking of legal action, in order to enforce its rights over Project Runway:

NBC Universal regrettably had no alternative but to bring legal action to enforce its rights to this program..

Okay. So I know money (and sex, of course) is what makes the world go round; and that they probably got an awesome offer. But, Lifetime Television?! Do they want the show to die?!! For starters, I remember back in the day (when I had time to be lazy and stay in my PJs all day) I used to watch Lifetime Television and it was soo butch! They were adamant about being “television for women.” And, if that’s still the case, Project Runway might end up losing a great deal of its male audience! Plus, Project Runway doesn’t have enough drama to satisfy the Lifetime Watchers! Will it succeed in bringing new viewers to Lifetime? Sounds pretty hard to me.

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