OMG Mary Kate Olsen!

Photo courtesy of: New York Post

Hun, what on earth were you thinking? Yellow gold might be back, but that dress is anything but trendy. This picture was taken at the the Gala Institute of Costume where a celebs gathering was recently held. An event that attracted fashion titans such as Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and Georgio Armani.

Pictured is a distraught Ashley Olsen, who no doubt is thinking about searching for a rock to crawl under directly following the picture. On her arm is Mary-Kate looking much like a wheel of fortune model after a rough night, possibly in a ditch.

It is no secret that Mary Kate is a fashion nightmare, but what surprises me, is that the trendy other half hasn’t bothered to correct her sisters bloodcurdling, fashion foretaste. Maybe Ashley is simply afraid to hurt her sister. Even so, one would think something would at least rub off even slightly.

Sadly this isn’t the case. below are several pictures of Mary Kate Olsen as her normal self. Please note the poorly matched clothing, lack of makeup and hair that I imagine hasn’t been brushed in ages. Mary Kate, Hun call me, I can help.

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