Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are Cruella personified (after a nice day of hunting _ at the SWAMP!)

The glare in their look, the ice in their stare…. you innocent children puppies, you better beware!!

Scary, scary, scaaarrryy!

Giving Britney a break this week, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, our beloved Trollsen Twins made the cover of Star Magazine. In an article titled “Twisted Sisters”, the world will be given a glimpse of “exclusive”, “never before revealed” information about the 22 year old moguls. The information is said to include reports about bad breath, poor hygiene, depression, endless partying, and sisterly spats.

Apparently, one of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s bodyguards (former, maybe?) spilled the beans about these and other subjects. He is said to be adamant about their stench. Talk about breach of contract.

Well, call me sour, but I’m actually insulted. In this world of instant gratification and lack of analytical thought, Star Magazine has gone so far as to insult our intelligence and actually call this information “shocking” and “secret”. Oh, puh-leaase!! Like we really didn’t notice Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn from this to this.

Also, I find it inconceivable to have the means to reach the world about these two, and to proceed to center the story on MaryKate and Ashley Olsen’s “family” reek, unless of course, the smell is due to this:


Eeww!! Id rather go naked, than wear fur….

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