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Awesome and Unlikely.

Reports are going around that Ashley Olsen is panning a million dollar wedding!  Believe it? Me either, but in a fantasy world, this sounds like quite some party. Ashley has been dating her boyfriend, Justin Bartha, for about seven months now, and while its never been suggested that he’s proposed to Ashley, she has already […]

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Mary-Kate Likes Em’ Flat.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are reportedly in the middle of another twin feud. This time over breast implants! According to Star Magazine, MK + A have been arguing over getting their boobs done because Ashley wants to go up a size or two and Mary Kate doesn’t. Should be no problem there right? Well according to […]

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Sneek Peek of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Book.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s book is set to be released soon and here is a look at some scans from within. It seems like this book is going to have more pictures than originally thought, but hey, is that really a bad thing? Interviews about the same stuff can get a little boring. Read on […]

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Mary-Kate Olsen Says No Thanks to Marriage.

Twins dont stay the same forever!  When it comes to grown up twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, now is the time where they differ the most. In an interview out of their upcoming book, Influence, the twins spoke to fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld about love, marriage, and the baby carrage. When asked what the twins […]

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Want to be an Olsen Twin for Halloween?

I hate Peta, it’s no secret that I am obsessed with chicken mcnuggets,  love nothing more than a big fur coat, and absolutely adore the Olsen twins.  BUT… this is almost pretty good. Peta hates Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and refer to them on their site as Hairy Kate and Trashley.  They have many activities […]

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Ashley Tells Mary-Kate: Back Off Bitch!

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s opposite lifestyles might be causing some serious drama between the tiny twins. Reports are saying that Ashley is not a big fan of the way Mary-Kate is living her life and wants her to stay away from their business empire until she changes her ways.  An Olsen source told inTouch Weekly; […]

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Rich Kids.

No surprise here that Miley Cyrus made the top spot of the Forbes poll of the Richest Young Entertainers, but you’ll never guess who tied her for the top spot! Continue reading to find out, and find out who else made the top 5.

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Bad Influences?

It’s hard to tell if Mary Kate and Ashley should be considered good influences, or bad influences, so maybe that’s why they named their new book strictly; Influence.

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Selling Lamps.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are probably making money off of more things than they even know about.  The twins have their video empire, clothing lines, production company, acting careers, and a line of Lamps from their Mary-Kate and Ashley furniture line that are now for sale on

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Happy birthday Michelle Tanner!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen , with a tribute to their finest creation; Michelle Tanner.

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