Want to be an Olsen Twin for Halloween?

I hate Peta, it’s no secret that I am obsessed with chicken mcnuggets,  love nothing more than a big fur coat, and absolutely adore the Olsen twins.  BUT… this is almost pretty good.

Peta hates Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and refer to them on their site as Hairy Kate and Trashley.  They have many activities dealing with them on their site which I will not link to, and are giving away free “Hairy kate and Trashley” halloween masks.

I wouldn’t pay a dime to PETA for this crap, but since it’s free I had to get some.  And I urge everyone else to get them as well. They are pretty “halloweenish” anyways.   Then… take pictures of your self  wearing leather and fur, eating chicken mcnuggets, or cow tipping wearing these masks and email them to me at Charley@starzlife.com and i’ll take it from there.

Check out the masks below and click here to order your own. Or if you don’t want to F with the mail, click here to print your own.

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