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Halloween 3-D D-Layed

If you love the recent Halloween remakes – and you don’t, but someone must, because they make money – don’t hold your breath for Halloween 3-D. Pre-production on the cut-rate slasher has been halted due to a weak script, Nikki Finke reports. The attached director, My Blood Valentine 3-D auteur Patrick Lussier, has another no […]

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Cute lil’ Pumpkin!

It’s that time of year again, fall is here, time to bundle up, gather the kiddies and head over to the pumpkin patch!!!   Desperate Housewife, Marcia Cross, brought her little pumpkin to the patch yesterday to check out what all the ghosts and goblins are up to.  Marcia looks absolutely amazing and completely in […]

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Want to be an Olsen Twin for Halloween?

I hate Peta, it’s no secret that I am obsessed with chicken mcnuggets,  love nothing more than a big fur coat, and absolutely adore the Olsen twins.  BUT… this is almost pretty good. Peta hates Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and refer to them on their site as Hairy Kate and Trashley.  They have many activities […]

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