What Rules?

So I decided to brave the crowd and head out to the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen book signing in Westwood, CA last night to see how many of the rules would actually be enforced.

Surprisingly aside from the must purchase a book to get a wristband rule, they weren’t very strict at all.

As fans approached the end of the line before the table, the security would take their bags and cameras, and occasionally yell out to stop taking photos from the line, but Mary-Kate and Ashley were amazingly friendly at the actual signing table.

They smiled, thanked everyone for coming, and at least with myself even struck up a short conversation.

I managed to grab a crummy phone snap of the twins, and wanted to also share their fine penmanship with you all.

PETA showed up to protest outside dressed in ‘Trollsen’ masks, and I’ve never wanted to skin an animal, eat it, then make myself a hat so bad. Fur is fashion!

But thank you MKO & AO, it was lovely meeting you girls!

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