Ew, NICKY! Not so fine!

(editors note: Just when you thought it was safe for celebs everywhere. . .ROXY is back! We missed you, chaquita~)

 Umm. . .You think you got it right, but I think you got it wrong.main-51.jpegNasty-ASS anorexia is a bitch!  God, the Hilton girls are soo not blessed in the booty department!!  Either they have ginormous feet and no ass to keep a balance, or they have these tiny little chicken legs attached to an extremely saggy butt on crack!!

Girl probably lost all her muscle mass after years of using her bony-ass knees as a purging tool!!  And she’s even developing a hunch to show for it too!!

Ew!  Nicky, you’re giving me the chills!!

What do you think of Ms. Hilton’s fine little triple crack bod?  Oh, and PS: Nicky, your bush is starting to show… so eat!


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One Response to Ew, NICKY! Not so fine!

  1. June 25, 2008 at 10:24 am #

    I love you guys! You are the best!!

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