Here we go again…

Robertson Blvd. resident Phoebe Price was out promoting herself yesterday afternoon and dared to show a little leg to photographers.
Phoebe has recently been under fire for having photos snapped of her cellulite plagued legs, and after she argued to the media that the first set of beach photos had  been doctored by a photoshop specialist… I’m pretty sure she has no way to explain these photos posted on dlisted a few days ago.

Regardless, Phoebe spent some time at home this week looking in the mirror, figuring out a way to pull her dress up just the right amount to hide the nast, so that she could tighten her leg muscles and make them look like pale white glory.

Phoebe also brought along a copy of FEMME magazine,  in which she has a 4 page photo spread with nothing negative being written about her. (for once)

Price, at a ripe 29 years of age according to her myspace page, (and i’m going to run for president in November) considers herself an international supermodel, and a famous Hollywood actress.  I even heard if you squint your eyes and look real hard you can see her in the background of  Steve Carell and Anne Hatheway in their new movie Get Smart,  which according to Price, is her new movie. 

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  1. June 25, 2008 at 3:44 pm #

    Genious!!!! I may have peed my pants!

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