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Real Housewife is the latest Sex Tape Scandal

Another day, another sex tape! This time it’s Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub. Don’t get too excited, this is very likely not a tape you are going to have rush delivered. The video is 75 minutes long, and the male’s face never appears one time. That makes us think either he is […]

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Jessica Simpson Dresses Up as Ken Paves With Ken Paves

Now we know why Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves are so close, because all it takes is a little haircut and they are practically twins! Jessica and Ken posted these photos to their Twitter pages this weekend, while on an airline flight.  Ken joked, “Stopped in West Palm to pick up my aunt Sandy” to […]

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Unlikely Pair: Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne

We were probably one of the biggest Jayde Nicole haters during her days of dating Brody Jenner, so this is an upgrade of some sorts, but Brody Jenner dating Avril Lavigne? If the rumors are true, this unlikely pair have been having secret hook-ups trying to keep a relationship on the down low for a […]

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Courtney Love made her unfortunate return to Twitter, by posting these NSFW photos  of her new tattoos for all of her followers to see. Well F it, works over!  And if you’re at work right now, you shouldn’t be on the internet anyways. The wacked out rocker got some random flower tats all over her […]

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Tara Reid to Bare All for Playboy

You’ve seen everything that Tara Reid has to offer unfortunately due to her numerous wardrobe malfunctions over the years, but now she’s going to be baring it all on purpose. Big wigs at Playboy have confirmed that Reid will pose nude in the mens mag for the upcoming issue. Why!? Why? and Why? Have these […]

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Picture This…

Despite all of their recent cover drama, which seems to be centered around mega diva Kate Gosselin, imagine what the whole John and Kate + 8 family would look like if they all sported Kate’s hideous haircut!! I mean, that has to be the absolut worst hair style that anyone has ever came up with. […]

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Paris’ Boyfriend is Pretty Gross.

Not sure why Paris Hilton’s new boyfriend Doug Reinhardt keeps blabbing to every media outlet he can get his hands on about him and the heiresses love, but every day it’s something new, and everyday it’s something we could do with out. In the latest episode of  Doug’s love, the Hills reject is boasting, “I’d […]

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You Kiss Ashlee Simpson With That Mouth?

Pete Wentz brings new meaning to the word “piss breath.” Before a recent show on the Fall Out Boy tour, Pete invented a game that he would automatically lose.  He colored his ten water bottles a different shade of yellow, and left one empty to be filled with his own urine.  He then had  pal […]

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Kelly Clarkson Sings in The Shower.

And by sings I mean pees. Kelly, who’s latest album was just released this week and is a smash hit with all the critics revealed in a recent interivew that she does pee in the shower. She also adds, “Anybody who says they don’t is lying.” My life would suck without having read that, Kelly.

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Shhh… Don’t Tell Rihanna.

Lily Allen stopped off at a tattoo parlor in West Hollywood last night after a night out with Lindsay Lohan sans Sam Ronson, and she posted a pic of her new ink on her twitter page this morning. Lily got the word “shhh” inked on her shhh finger.  You know, so when she tells people […]

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