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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kicks & Kisses From the Sexy Unstoppable Natasha Alam

Super sexy star of True Blood and current Playboy cover girl, Natasha Alam was handing out kicks and kisses on the set of her movie “Bella Gunness.”  The bombshell’s boundless energy and charisma kept all eyes glued to her during filming and  has her conquering the small screen, big screen and print all at once. […]

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Hugh Hefner Gives Twin Girlfriends The Boot

A couple months ago, Hugh Hefner let his girlfriend twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon move out of the Playboy Mansion and into the playmate house near by. His reasoning was that they were growing up, and that he was getting more serious with his main girl, new Holly Crystal Harris. According to, the move […]

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Kim Kardashian “Sorry” For Doing Playboy

In the latest edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine,  the one where Kim Kardashian posed nude in an artsy position that didn’t reveal the goods, she tells them that she wished she never would have posed nude for Playboy back in 2007. The Playboy pictorial, which was a little more revealing, apparently made Kim uncomfortable, and […]

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Heidi Ready to Show off her ‘3-D’ in Playboy?

Heidi Montag didn’t bare all last time she posed for Playboy magazine, but now that she’s had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, might she be ready to show it all off? A source tells inTouch magazine that Heidi is considering a $500,000 offer to pose for the mens mag for a second time, […]

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More Wisdom From John Mayer

“The only man I’ve kissed is Perez Hilton. It was New Year’s Eve and I decided to go out and destroy myself. I was dating Jessica at the time, and I remember seeing Perez Hilton flitting about this club and acting as though he had just invented homosexuality. All of a sudden I thought, I […]

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 john mayer

John Mayer is All Over the Map, Jessica Simpson is “Crack Cocaine”

John Mayer is all over the map in his new interview with Playboy magazine.   He goes from calling Jessica Simpson crack cocaine, to explaining how Twitter contributed to his breakup with Jennifer Aniston, to talking about his “hood pass” and dropping racial slurs! Where do we even start with this guy!? On Jessica Simpson: (She […]

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Hef Dumped by Teenage Twins

It’s not a common situation for most people, but Hugh Hefner has lost two girlfriends on the same day. Kristina and Karissa Shannon, the 19-year-old twins that moved into the Playboy Mansion to date Hef after the original Girls Next Door hit the bricks, have also decided to part ways with the little old man. […]

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Tara Reid for Playboy…NSFL

Are you home from work yet?  Well your just in time for these NSFW (and maybe not safe for life) photos of Tara Reid in Playboy. Not sure what she’s trying to prove by being in the mag, besides the fact she can afford, or convince someone else to pay a retoucher to make her […]

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Tara Reid to Bare All for Playboy

You’ve seen everything that Tara Reid has to offer unfortunately due to her numerous wardrobe malfunctions over the years, but now she’s going to be baring it all on purpose. Big wigs at Playboy have confirmed that Reid will pose nude in the mens mag for the upcoming issue. Why!? Why? and Why? Have these […]

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Chelsea Does Playboy!

It’s finally here: Chelsea Handler‘s Playboy issue. The E! Entertainment host and NY Times best-selling author unveils a different version of herself to the world this November: The Slut! We gotta admit it though… She’s looking totally sexy porn hot! What do you think? Click here to follow Starzlife on Twitter!

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