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Courtney Love Can’t Stop Tweeting Nude Pics

What’s it going to take for Courtney Love to keep her pants on for a month and not expose the world to her nudity. It seems her insatiable desperate thirst for attention has struck Twitter again. This time there are a variety of pics, from underwear to pantless to making out with another chick. The […]

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Courtney Love Drunk and Naked During an Interview

Courtney Love showed up drunk to an interview Thursday with the New York Times. After copping to being tipsy, she brought reporter Eric Wilson back to her room, made him wait for an hour before reappearing nude. Wilson tells the story in detail in his piece for the Times down to the books she had […]

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Courtney Love is a Disrespectful Guest

You can always look to Courtney Love for a daily dose of crazy. It seems she showed up for the WWD 100th Anniversary party in NYC last night, not just completely late but not until it was completely over. The sociopathic self obsessed singer took her disrespect for the fashion industries most formidable forces a […]

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Courtney Love Continues to be Delusional

While attending a screening of Due Date in NYC Courtney Love told that people often ask her if she’s had a face lift, “”I have been getting a lot of praise for looking lately… I liked it when they thought I had had a facelift.” Apparently she doesn’t realize that they are asking not […]

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Courtney Love Latest in Idol Contention?

Geez, it seems like someone new is rumored to be taking Simon’s seat each and every day! Bret Michael’s was the original front runner and it seemd like he had been all but announced as the shows new judge, but then a few more names started popping up. The latest:   Jessica Simpson yesterday, and Courtney […]

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Courtney Love made her unfortunate return to Twitter, by posting these NSFW photos  of her new tattoos for all of her followers to see. Well F it, works over!  And if you’re at work right now, you shouldn’t be on the internet anyways. The wacked out rocker got some random flower tats all over her […]

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Courtney Love Won’t Shut Up

What’s a rock and roll mom to do when her daughter files for custody against her? Post another rant on Facebook – in the same vein that made her hate you in the first place! Courtney Love reached out to daughter Frances Bean again yesterday – just hours after her daughter filed a restraining order […]

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Courtney Love Makes Some Weird Claims About Britney Spears

Stranger things have happened with Courtney Love, so no surprise here.  But Courtney Love has recently made some pretty strange claims about what she “knows” about Britney Spears. In a recent rant on her Facebook page Love wrote; “britneys dad molested her , imagine the father that molested you owning you for slavery while your […]

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When Courtney Love Met Jocelyn Wildenstein

We love odd celebs matches. They can either inspire or go horribly wrong. As in the case of Courtney Love, who recently bumped into French socialite, Plastic Surgery Dallas posterchild, and role model to natural beauties across the world – Jocelyn Wildenstein. Courtney, no stranger to plastic surgery herself (nose jobs, liposuction, boob job, and […]

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Bank to Courtney Love: “What’s In Your Wallet?”

American Express filed a lawsuit earlier this year against the former Hole singer, and now Courthouse News is reporting that Miss Courtney Michelle Harrison, AKA Courtney Love is broke like the rest of us! Surprise, surprise!  The funds the ‘Celebrity Skin’ rocker inherited after late husband Kurt Cobain’s suicide are  the issue. Love’s lawyer told […]

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