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Madonna Definitely Wants You to Know Hard Candy is Her Gym

We’re pretty sure Madonna was initially drawn to the singing because of the warm up scale me-me-me-me. This is the same part of the pop princess that drove her decorating decisions for her new gym Hard Candy Fitness.  The walls are plastered floor to ceiling with images of the Material Girl. The first of several […]

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Madonna Opening a Chain of Gyms

Madonna has partnered with one of the founders of 24 Hour Fitness to open her own gym chain called Hard Candy Fitness Centers. The first will be opening next month in Mexico City with plans to then roll out 10 more across the globe. Countries such as Russia, Brazil and Argentina have been named for […]

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Dirty Dancing With the Queen of Pop?

Holy mother of Madonna!  This could be HUGE! According to,  Madonna has been having a secret fling with Dancing With the Stars‘ Maksim Chmerkovskiy. It all went down when he took a couple days from training for Dancing With the Stars with his partner, Erin Andrews, to audition for Madonna in New York City. […]

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Sherlock Holmes Director Defends ‘Swept Away’

Madonna‘s ex – and ‘Sherlock Holmes‘ director Guy Ritchie defends his “small” movie, ‘Swept Away’ in an interview with The Daily Beast. Explains 41 year-old Guy: “The whole thing is supposed to be ironic. It’s about a man that hits a woman, and at the same time, it was her. There were all sorts of […]

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Courtney Love Won’t Shut Up

What’s a rock and roll mom to do when her daughter files for custody against her? Post another rant on Facebook – in the same vein that made her hate you in the first place! Courtney Love reached out to daughter Frances Bean again yesterday – just hours after her daughter filed a restraining order […]

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A-Rod And K-Hud Have S-Plit

Rumors that Kate Hudson and Madonna’s ex, Alex Rodriguez are no longer doing the dance with no pants appear to be true. The couple, who fought bitterly on the night the Yankees won the World Cup series, have gone their separate ways, according to sources. The pair were seen over the summer sharing booze, kids, […]

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Madonna’s Son David May Be A Friend Of Dorothy’s

Madonna recently talked to a morning TV show about her four show-lovin’ kids… and it seems the apple don’t fall far from the British accented-tree when it comes to dressing up like a lady and singing Spanish tunes in flamenco gowns. Except she’s talking about her son. When asked “Which of your kids is your […]

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Sherri Shepherd Says She Ain’t Homophobic; Says Woman Beating OK, Cheating Not

Sherri Shepherd, The View co-host angrily made her point today: She’s ain’t homophobic. The slur comes after she publically angrily derided Adam Lambert for offending ABC viewers. The Precious actor, who hasn’t made much sense lately (she said she’d give Chris Brown another chance but moronically told viewers that she wouldn’t buy Tiger Woods’ NIKE […]

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Glee Star Reveals All About That Madonna Episode

Glee star Lea Michele is opening up about the highly-anticipated Glee: All Madonna episode! The songbird confesses to the LA Times that she’s a huge M fan and what Rachel has planned. Says Lea: “I’m doing six Madonna songs, some of which will be mash-ups. We’re doing a lot of her most popular songs but […]

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Britney Breaks Records Down Under

Get your head out of the gutter – we’re not talking about Madonna‘s lady parts. We’re speaking of Britney Spears‘ tour numbers! Everyone’s favorite crazy gal set a new record in concert ticket sales at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia this year. Despite being torn a new one by the media for lip-synching, Brit […]

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