Bank to Courtney Love: “What’s In Your Wallet?”

030608_sl_love18American Express filed a lawsuit earlier this year against the former Hole singer, and now Courthouse News is reporting that Miss Courtney Michelle Harrison, AKA Courtney Love is broke like the rest of us!

Surprise, surprise!  The funds the ‘Celebrity Skin’ rocker inherited after late husband Kurt Cobain’s suicide are  the issue.

Love’s lawyer told  Page Six back in April that:

“Some of the people handling Kurt Cobain’s Estate, had lost all the money.”

Oh really?

“Some of the people?”  Courtney Michelle?

We wonder who that could be?  We’re pretty sure the new noses, boobs, body, skin and veins didn’t pay for themselves!  And let’s not get into the cost of pharmaceuticals these days…

Apparently she’s now trying to tap into daughter Francis Bean’s estate, but with no luck.

Next try?  The Kurt Cobain Royalties Account, the money was coming to her anyway, as the bank was closing the 1.5 mil account.

Regardless, The Sun writes that Love is soon to be evicted from her NY Mercer Hotel room, and recently texted a friend:

“I’m f****d now dude. I have 120 bucks, my kid hasn’t had a decent meal and I’m getting evicted.”

The Sun source also claims she’s hit rock bottom, and is a financial disaster.

We’re pretty sure this isn’t the first time Ms Love has been thrown out of a hotel room, but it seems the so-not-PTA Mom really over-budgeted this time.

Too bad those new gorgeous ‘Doll Parts’ can’t go back to the surgeon.  On the upside, maybe this means we’ll get a new album soon?

Click here for Hole’s song ‘Doll Parts’ courtesy of  Youtube.

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