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Old Hound Looking for Young Slumdog.

Sharon Stone-age dated 24-year-old Chace Dreyfus last summer, but now she’s looking for something a bit more fresh. The actress was completely focused on 18-year-old Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel at this weekends British Academy of Film and Television Awards this sunday. It’s reported that the 100-year-old actress was seen flirting it up with the […]

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Not For the Weak Stomach.

Ryan Seacrest ruined breakfast, lunch, and dinner this morning on his radio program. View this video and you might never go out to eat again!

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Yikes! Are You’re Kids On Myspace?

Lately it seems as if the college and beyond crowd are treating their Myspace pages like an old PC while they spend all their time playing on their new Mac (Facebook). But the kids are still digging myspace for its flashy features and freedom to customize! In a horrifying  new bit of info released today, […]

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For the Love of Television.

Leave it to VH1 to pollute another hour of television each week with d-list celebrities. Or, celebreality as they like to call it. For the love of Ray-Jay will premiere on February and will put 12 wanna be ‘ride or die chicks’ up against each other competing for the love of Brandy’s little brother. He’s […]

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Sick In More Way’s Than One!

That tissue I told you about, that contained the cold from Samuel L. Jackson passed on to Scarlett Johannson and sold on eBay via Jay Leno, sold for a whopping price of $5,300!! The bidding prices were high from the start, but the ebay pro’s showed up for some last minute bid wars and the […]

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TMI Wentz…

Pete Wentz continued his Too Much Information Tour 2008 this week when he appeared on a Sirius satellite radio program and continued to discuss the intimate details of him and Ashlee Simpson’s relationship. Wentz told the Morning Mashup that Simpson’s breast milk tasted “soury” and “weird.”  He admitted that new baby Bronx Mowgli loves it […]

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Hef Can’t Be This Desperate!

Of all the hot sluts out there who would probably pose in an issue of Playboy for little to no pay, Hugh Hefner has decided to display one of the most hidious set of lips I’ve ever seen, Lisa Rinna. The some time actress confirmed to Extra that she’d be appearing in the mag in […]

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Catch Scarlett Johansson’s Cold!

Scarlett Johansson appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night even though she was feeling a bit under the weather. She was there to promote her new movie ‘The Spirit’ and said she thinks she caught her cold from co-star Samuel L. Jackson. Jay proceeded to give her a tissue and joked that […]

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Chasing Babies.

Spotted: 23-year-old Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford sneaking off to the corner of the shows holiday Christmas party to lock lips with a short blonde. The short blonde?  Chace’s co-star and one time on-screen fling, Jennie Humphrey. Little J is played by 15-year-old Taylor Momsen. That’s a pretty extreme 8 year gap don’t ya think, […]

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Just Wondering?1212

I know it’s a week or so old, but I was just wondering if anybody knew why Kevin the ugly pube headed Jonas brother with the un-famous/ un-attractive girlfriend made it into People’s Sexiest men issue?? Is there a jokester in the house over there? huh?

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