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Gee, I Wonder Who’s Behind That Bag!

Jodie Foster thought she could get away with hiding her ugly mug while out doing some shopping this past week, but she was mistakin’. She shielded her face as soon as she spotted photographers headed her way, but she had no idea that they had already been capturing her beauty for a while prior to […]

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The Pregnant Man is Pregnant Again.

Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man who gave birth to a daughter earlier this summer has announced to Barbara Walters in an interview that he is expecting again. Apparently he continued to not take his hormones after giving birth for the first time so that he could become pregnant for a second time. It sounds like […]

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Still Trying to be Funny, Still No Luck.

You remember when Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones posted this video on FunnyOrDie trying to make comedy about the election, as other celebs such as Hayden Panettiere, Ron Howard, and Paris Hilton have all successfully done, only to fail miserably? Well Nat and Rashida are back on the site one day before the election with […]

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Here We Go Again.

Apparently the TV industry is slow right now, because E! ended up picking up Denise Richards It’s Complicated for a second season. Though there were speculation that the world would be rid of this horrible show come next reality season, Richards broke the news at an event in LA this past week that they would […]

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Tara Can’t Stomach the Criticism.

Tara Reid has been the target of tabloid criticism ever since two botched stomach surgeries left her with a mess of a belly starting back in 2004. Some photos of a bikini clad Reid surfaced last week and the peanut gallery unleashed a barrage of negativity on the fact she’d step out of the house […]

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Milla Jovovich looked awfully happy this past weekend for someone who was getting eaten by their own pants. Milla went out and about all natural with no makeup this weekend and while most stars would hide under those conditions, she smiled and chatted away to anyone and everyone. Check out some more photos of Milla […]

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This Outfit Makes Me Want to SCREAM!

Neve Campbell must have been locked up in the 90’s for the past 10 years, because she popped up on Robertson Blvd this week wearing the most hideous outfit ever. And check out that hair! Check out some more Exclusive!! photos of Neve below. Hopefully she gets a makeover for Scream 4!

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Khloe’s Brush With Death.

Khloe Kardashian had a recent brush with death.  235 dead people to be exact. Part of her community service following her DUI arrest, was to help out at an NYC morgue. While Khloe didn’t write about it on her own blog, she did upload this kinda hot picture.  Her sister Kim took care of the […]

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Cry For Attention.

Courtney Love is apparently looking for a new maid to clean up her Malibu home, but instead of picking up the yellow pages, or doing a quick search on Google for maid services in Southern California, she decided to post a classified ad on her Myspace page. Here’s what Courtney had to say; Sunday, September […]

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Denise Richards: Still Complicated

Denise Richards tried to play off claims that her show had been canceled by saying that it would be back for a second season, but E! is saying not so fast! The network that took a gamble on Denise (and lost) is saying that a decision has not been made yet on wether or not […]

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