Yikes! Are You’re Kids On Myspace?


Lately it seems as if the college and beyond crowd are treating their Myspace pages like an old PC while they spend all their time playing on their new Mac (Facebook).

But the kids are still digging myspace for its flashy features and freedom to customize!

In a horrifying  new bit of info released today, its been discovered that 90,000 registered sex offendrs have been booted from Myspace in the past two years, so apparently it’s a hang out for them as well.

A Miami based company called Sentinel, which provides investigations on social networks (not including Facebook) to help get rid of sex offenders, uses a program with the names, photos, and info for over 700,000 registered sex offenders and reports it’s findings to the networks so the people can be removed.

The company also said they found 8,000 of these people on Facebook as well with minimal effort, but believe it could be up to 15 times more in reality!

They ought to have computer privileges revoked once being registered as a sex offender!

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