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Yikes! Are You’re Kids On Myspace?

Lately it seems as if the college and beyond crowd are treating their Myspace pages like an old PC while they spend all their time playing on their new Mac (Facebook). But the kids are still digging myspace for its flashy features and freedom to customize! In a horrifying  new bit of info released today, […]

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Since Nobody Will Pay For it…

Courtney Love is releasing her latest studio album by way of digital download from her Myspace site for free today! Nobody’s Daughter is the name of Love’s new album and you can click here to visit her Myspace and download it. Must be her way of sayin’ thanks to those who read her entire mess […]

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Sam Ronson Fires Back at Mike Lohan.

She’s a jokester too!   After Michael Lohan wrote that he was 99% sure Samantha Ronson was writing Lindsay Lohan’s blog posts, Samantha told Page Six; “Ha! That’s funny, but I don’t ghost-write MySpace blogs. Good thing he left that one per cent window open so he wasn’t 100 per cent wrong for once.” I never […]

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What About Me, Bitches!?

A news report is going around with all these “of 2008” lists citing which celebs on Myspace have the most friends. Among the top friend havers were Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Zach Braff and Selena Gomez. Absent from the list is the FIRST Myspace celebrity, Tila Tequila.  Tila was one of the first people to […]

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Katy Perry Tries The Other Way.

Katy Perry is going from kissing girls, and liking it, to kissing boys, and looking depressed about it in her latest video for Thinking of You. The Grammy nominee for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance released a sneak peek at an upcoming scene from her latest video via her Myspace Celebrity page, and it looks […]

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A Message From Lindsay Lohan.

As far as her blog is concerned, Lindsay Lohan has flown off the radar ever since the Michael Lohan drama this fall, but now she’s back with a message for all.  Here it goes; Sorry i haven’t blogged in a minute.. i’ve been traveling and trying to catch up on sleep! I thought it was […]

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Far From Disney.

Hilary Duff premiered her new video for Reach Out on Myspace today, and If you like provocative dancing, this is the video for you. Little Lizzie McGuire from the Disney Channel has came a long way since her good girl days.  First it was the controversial scene in War Inc. where she stuck a scorpion […]

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That’s So Raven, Caps Lock Problem and Upside Down Eyebrows.

Raven Symone went on a blog rampage yesterday, trying to clear up all of  the apparent rumors that people are spreading about her. Funny thing is, I’ve never heard anyone talk about this bitch. I feel like she’s had the backwards Disney Career, she wasn’t even invited onto the spin-off of her own show! Anyhow, […]

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Travis Barker Takes a Shot at Ex-Wife From the Hospital Bed.

Travis Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler has been very vocal about how important Travis is to her since the accident happened, but according to a new blog by the former Blink 182 drummer, it seems like she may be over the entire thing. Travis writes on his Myspace from the hospital; “Despite any rumors you might […]

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Lohan Reviews Infinite Playlist.

Lindsay Lohan is good at finding ways to spend her time away from petty family drama by becoming a film critic? Not exactly, but we assume her and her man(tha) went on a little date to the movies this weekend and Lindsay posted a review on her Myspace blog.  She says; Tuesday October 7, 2008 […]

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