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Bel Air Magazine had a Halloween Party and everyone came!

Bel Air magazine had one of the hottest Halloween parties of the year. Check out the spooky costumes at Bel Air Mansion

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Tila Not the Only Victim of Juggalo Attack

If there was any lesson to be learned this weekend for entertainers around the world, it’s unless you paint your face and sing about clowns, don’t play with juggalos. Not only did they pelt Tila Tequila with rocks, bottles, and pee-filled watermelons, but they also busted up Method Man’s eye with a beer can during […]

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Tila Tequila Pens Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan

Everyone want’s to hop on board the help Lindsay train these days. On her new gossip blog,, Tila Tequila has written an open letter to Lindsay Lohan, claiming to be the one who can save her. There are some definite highlights, lowlights, and LOLZ in this letter, but you can be the judge of […]

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OMG!! Miss Tila Launches Gossip Blog

The day has arrived!  Tila Tequila, now going by Miss Tila has launched her long awaited gossip blog. was launched tonight, and if you haven’t visited yet, we urge you to do so! Tila is not only giving her two cents on the hottest Hollywood gossip, but she’s even sharing some exclusive details on […]

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Tila Tequila Tweets “I’m Quitting Twitter” Thrice, Tweets Twice More

Srsly, you guys, Tila Tequila is just toooo busy with her super-successful record label to tweet about her dead wife and all the mean guys who want to beat her up for being pretty and her pregnancy and impending adoption of a Russian orphan. I know this because she took the time to write this […]

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Blog Comment Claims to be Truth About Tila

Take this one as you will, however if it were to be valid, it would not be THAT shocking. A man who claims to have gone to high school with Tila Tequila commented on one of her recent blog posts, exposing her for the supposed lies she’s told since she was a young girl. The […]

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Some Little Russian Orphan is Being Punished Further With Adoption by Tila Tequila

Can this be possible? Can an orphanage possibly allow Tila Tequila to take charge of a human life? I know it’s in Russia where they play fast and loose with the rules of decency, but she shouldn’t be allowed to take a dog home from the pound. She shouldn’t have a house plant. Renting a […]

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Tila Back on Twitter… For Now

After deleting her Twitter account because it’s too “hateful, racist and violent,”  Tila Tequila just couldn’t stay away. She’s back with a new account, (@Therealtila) but for how long? She marked her return with this tweet; “Yes I’m back! Ya’ll missed me lots didn’t ya! I was thinking about hiding out for a while until […]

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Tila Tequila: Twitter Quitter

Tila Tequila has followed in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown – she’s deleted her Twitter account. Fear not, Starzlife readers, we saved the last bunch of tweets: officialTequila @perezhilton u seriously have no CLASS or RESPECT for anyone, u WHORE WITH AIDS…u couldn’t fuck a corpse…awww, corpse…I MISS MY WIFE officialTequila don’t 4get, […]

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Kelly and Tila Still Duking it Out on Twitter

Remember the little rant that Tila Tequila went on after hearing what Kelly Osbourne said about her and the death of Casey Johnson. Well Kelly finally fired back on her twitter and had this to say; I equate Tila to a fart. She is disgusting, stinks, is publicly embarrassing but kind of funny.  If she […]

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