Tila Not the Only Victim of Juggalo Attack

If there was any lesson to be learned this weekend for entertainers around the world, it’s unless you paint your face and sing about clowns, don’t play with juggalos.

Not only did they pelt Tila Tequila with rocks, bottles, and pee-filled watermelons, but they also busted up Method Man’s eye with a beer can during his performance with Redman this past weekend.

There’s also a report of at least one stabbing in what would appear to be juggalo on juggalo violence!

So not only do these people look like the scum of the earth, THEY ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH!

In defense of their gods, the Insane Clown Posse, who have been around for almost twenty years now, they did not support these violent acts at their annual festival this past weekend.

ICP’s Violent J spoke with TMZ, in which he told them  he had heard the rumor of a violent attack on Tila prior to her performance, and that the group warned her it was possibly going to happen.  He claims that Tila inisted that she would still go on because she’s “not a bitch like that.”

Says Violent J: “We paid her before the show and assured her that even if things got out of hand, she could keep the money if she had to leave the stage.”

Tila definitely toughed it out, if you’ve seen the video yet, but it’s still a shame how these clown fans acted towards her.

J adds that it’s “f*cked up” that the crowd got violent,  and cloncluded with “I wish they didn’t throw stuff at her.”

Tila is currently looking into legal action over the assault.

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