Tila Tequila: Twitter Quitter


Tila Tequila has followed in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown – she’s deleted her Twitter account. Fear not, Starzlife readers, we saved the last bunch of tweets:

officialTequila @perezhilton u seriously have┬áno CLASS or RESPECT for anyone, u WHORE WITH AIDS…u couldn’t fuck a corpse…awww, corpse…I MISS MY WIFE

officialTequila don’t 4get, I have a new gossip blog coming! Read it if you want ACCURATE information about what famous guys dicks look and taste like

officialTequila CASEY, OH GOD CASEY…I just found five full bottles of Xanax hidden in the pantry…ur spirit will never leave this house

officialTequila does anyone want to buy 5 full bottles of Xanax?

officialTequila @perezhilton U RACIST FAGGOT

officialTequila off 2 cry myself 2 sleep alone in bed thinking of my sweet departed angel Casey…then 2morrow nite PAID CLUB APPEARANCE IN RENO HOLLA!!!

officialTequila In da club right now! lol *sings 50 Cent* SO many hot guys! *gets wet* I just remembered I miss Casey *sobs* Now I’m gonna dance!

officialTequila twitpic of me sobbing: http://twitpic.com/23b1pp

officialTequila You disrespect the honor of my dead wife by suggesting I exploit her passing for publicity!! #uknowurahaterwhen

officialTequila twitpic of Casey’s dead body lying toe-tagged in cold storage at the coroners: http://twitpic.com/rtf238

officialTequila @perezhilton me, classless? THE IRONY! UR THE ONE DISRESPECTING MY WIFE’S DEATH

officialTequila just fucked myself with a dried-out highlighter while thinking of my poor precious Casey http://twitvid.com/E78M5

officialTequila I miss my doggies! Bijou Philips, UR the DEVIL! Nicky Hilton, UR the DEVIL TOO! BOTH OF YOU: CAN I HAVE SOME MONEY?

officialTequila To all the haters who want me to quit twitter: I’M QUITTING TWITTER! FUCK YOU, I WIN

officialTequila twitpic of me quitting twitter: http://twitpic.com/2r4d4l

officialTequila Me missing my dead wife Casey while rubbing my clit in the men’s locker room at Bally Total Fitness http://twitpic.com/445ver

officialTequila srsly quitting now

officialTequila bye

officialTequila I mean bye, Casey

officialTequila cuz yr dead

officialTequila here’s my spread pussy: http://twitpic.com/3pol23

officialTequila bye4real

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