Tila Back on Twitter… For Now


After deleting her Twitter account because it’s too “hateful, racist and violent,”  Tila Tequila just couldn’t stay away.

She’s back with a new account, (@Therealtila) but for how long?

She marked her return with this tweet;

“Yes I’m back! Ya’ll missed me lots didn’t ya! I was thinking about hiding out for a while until my 1st appearance when my belly is HUGE!!!!”

Oh yeah, if you haven’t been following this saga,  She’s pregnant.  She claims the father is  rapper “The Game” but he went to the TMZ offices to go on video saying “I am not the father.”

Now that all the bloggers have caught wind of her Twit-return, Tila has been posting various versions of this message;

“yea I just re-joined twitter 4 like 2 hours and already over it again. I’ll just announce my big news at www.TilasHotSpot.com deleting this!”

Surprisingly enough, she has not spoken up about the fact that the results of her fiance Casey Johnson’s death have came in.

Neglect has been sighted as the cause.  Casey was neglecting to take all of her required medications for her diabetes, including insulin shots, which sent her into a diabetic coma.

You’d think someone who loved her that much would make sure she was doing all that, right?

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