Kelly and Tila Still Duking it Out on Twitter


Remember the little rant that Tila Tequila went on after hearing what Kelly Osbourne said about her and the death of Casey Johnson.

Well Kelly finally fired back on her twitter and had this to say;

I equate Tila to a fart. She is disgusting, stinks, is publicly embarrassing but kind of funny.  If she wants to humiliate herself at her own expense then so be it.
Honey instead of your desperate quest for fame you should go on one for dignity and self -respect. No matter what you try and come back with the tampon says it all.
Tila =Drama If she was “so in love” Her body would NOT of been found “DAYS” later.Am I right?Tila is a joke!

Tila caught wind of the fart talk, and went on another one of her signature rants about “Smelly Ozboner.” It’s to much to post, but if you are really interested, someone over at ONTD took the time.

Sometimes Tila’s ridiculousness can be funny, but Kelly made a good point about the body not being found for days though.  Score one for for Team Osbourne!

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