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OMG!! Miss Tila Launches Gossip Blog

The day has arrived!  Tila Tequila, now going by Miss Tila has launched her long awaited gossip blog. was launched tonight, and if you haven’t visited yet, we urge you to do so! Tila is not only giving her two cents on the hottest Hollywood gossip, but she’s even sharing some exclusive details on […]

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Lindsay Lohan is Not a Cutter People

Rumors rumors rumors with this one!  Always a rumor. Though this has been a longstanding rumor, that Lindsay Lohan is into self harming, and has the scars on her wrist to prove it, the actress Hollywood presence is turning to an unlikely source to clear this one up. Apparently Lindsay spoke with and had […]

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liz taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Sick of Being Called Sick

It does seem like there’s always a rumor going around that Elizabeth Taylor is sick with something. After what she describes as “decades” of people speculating about her health, she’s still here! In a recent interview with USA today; Liz calls out these people, saying; “I’ve lived with people speculating about my health for decades, […]

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Miley Cyrus is Swine Free

Despite what you may have heard, Kanye West is still alive, and Miley Cyrus does not have the Swine Flu. So for those of you who sat around your voodoo dolls each night chanting and praying that the Disney star would come down with the H1N1 virus, try again. Though the rumor didn’t come from […]

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Is Macaulay Culkin the Father of Blanket Jackson?

Rumors are flying around, sparked by British tabloid The Sun, that adorable child star and creepy adult actor, Macaulay Culkin is the biological father of Michael Jackson‘s son Prince Michael II, aka Blanket.  Culkin and Jackson were longtime friends, and Culkin is the godfather of Michael’s other children, so could he also be sperm donor […]

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Could They be Married?

Star Magazine is claiming that when Chris Brown and Rihanna met up this past weekend to reconcile at Diddy’s Miami home, Chris may have popped the question to Rihanna, and when she said yet, he threw together a quckie wedding to make her his wife. An insider told the mag, “All she’s ever wanted was […]

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Un-Happy Valentines Day?

Rumors out of Miami would suggest that lovers Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson canceled out on their Valentines day party appearance at a local night club last evening. Apparently the two got in one of their famous fights while in NYC for fashion week.

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Ray J Denies Baby Claims.

Ray J is issuing a statement via a representative from his television dating show, claiming that the rumors he is due to have a baby with an eliminated contestant are not true. Contestant Monica ‘Danger’ Leon was eliminated from the contest but then came out and told The National Enquirer that she was three months […]

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Jackie Chan to Play Mr. Miyagi in New Karate Kid?

Things just keep getting worse for the unfortunate remake of the Karate Kid. The latest is that Rush Hour star Jackie Chan is in negotiations with Warner Brothers to play the role of Mr. Miyagi.  The mentor to young Daniel Russo, who is being played by Will Smith’s son, Jayden. I just cant picture anyone […]

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Britney’s Devlish Plot?

I can’t see her doing this, especially since her father isn’t Michael Lohan, but reports are swirling that Britney Spears has devised a plot to get rid of her father as the conservator of her affairs. The National Enquirer is reporting that Britney is planning to stage a relapse into alcohol to break free from […]

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