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Secret Sleepovers!

The New York Daily News is reporting that the fat lady still hasn’t sang with Paris Hilton and Benji Madden. The source claims that the pair re-united for a steamy public makeout sesh last week, and that they are still hot and heavy behind closed doors. “They are completely still hooking up. They aren’t exclusive, […]

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Benji is NOT the Ringmaster of the Circus.

Add another rumor to the rumor list.  A representative for Britney Spears has came forward putting an end to any speculation that Britney is hookin up with Benji Madden. “The claims made by In Touch are completely false,” she tells E! News. “There is not an ounce of truth to any of it.” Collectively take […]

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Have You Heard This Rumor Yet?

Word on the street, is that Benji Madden has officially moved on from Paris Hilton to another one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. Apparently Benji is now courting BRITNEY SPEARS! I know, WTF is my thoughts exactly. The source claims that Britney’s papa wanted to release his 27-year-old daughter back into the dating world and had […]

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Miley’s First Death Hoax.

Internet pranksters are at it again.  Today Miley Cyrus joins the ranks of fellow celebrities Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Kel Mitchel, and most recently Lil’ Wayne among many others to be the victim of an internet death hoax. Someone hacked into Miley’s YouTube account this weekend. You know, the one she posts those bratty annoying videos […]

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Lauren Addresses the Airport Rumors.

Lauren Conrad is firing back at the rumors that she caused a scene at an airport terminal in New York City last week by writing a myspace blog. Page Six reported that they called Lauren Conrads name over the loud speaker and asked her to change her flight around, prompting her to scream, yell, and […]

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Still Denying the Obvious.

Holly Madison is still denying the obvious that she’s got a little somethin goin with Criss Angel, Mind Freak. She posted a denial to the rumors on her blog this morning, but has since taken it down. Perhaps it started a fan war in the comments section and she decided it would be best to […]

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Paris’ Dogs Still Barkin’

Apparently the two of Paris Hilton’s 17 dogs that were eaten by wild coyotes the other night are alive and well. According to a statement released from Paris’ manager all the way from Italy, where Hilton is promoting her fashion line, the dogs were never lost, never attacked, and it was all a big lie. […]

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Is Kathy Griffin Working Her Way Off the D List???

I have never been able to sit through a whole episode of it, and I swear all she does is talk about Clay Aiken and the gays, but for some reason another network is about to throw out a lot of cash for Kathy Griffin‘s: My Life on the D-List. There’s a rumor that the […]

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Is Cam Engaged?

Could Cameron Diaz be secretly engaged to boyfriend Paul Sculfor? According to a woman working out near Cam at a Hollywood gym she is at least. This photo is from a set taken last Wednesday of Ms. Diaz leaving a workout in Hollywood.  Just minutes before a gym patron overheard Cameron telling a friend she […]

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Eva is Not Pregnant! Chill Out!

Eva Longoria-Parker wants you all to chill out and stop calling her pregnant! The Desperate Housewives star told TV’s Extra in an interview for their season premiere tonight; “I wish people would just chill out, you’ll know when it happens.” Longoria went on to talk about how you don’t spill the beans for the first […]

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