Have You Heard This Rumor Yet?

Word on the street, is that Benji Madden has officially moved on from Paris Hilton to another one of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

Apparently Benji is now courting BRITNEY SPEARS! I know, WTF is my thoughts exactly.

The source claims that Britney’s papa wanted to release his 27-year-old daughter back into the dating world and had an assistant come up with a suitable list of gentlemen that included, Benji, Chace Crawford, Michael Phelps and Jessy Metcalffe, and Benji was the only one who responded to manager Larry Rudolph with any interest.

The story says the two have met up at a Beverly Hills hotel for a dinner date in secret, and had alot of chemestry.

This dating news is supposed to help with her come back and tour, which I assumed were going well already based on the fact that she had the number one album, and her tickets are selling faster than a hooker at a Star Wars convention.

Plus this would sort of clash with yesterdays rumor that Britney invited K-Fed to move back in with her and the boys.

I don’t think Federline would stand for Britney bangin’ an actual musician under his roof, even if it was really her roof.  He’d go all popozao on a motherf*cker!

I call B.S. and I don’t mean Britney Spears…

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