Is Kathy Griffin Working Her Way Off the D List???

I have never been able to sit through a whole episode of it, and I swear all she does is talk about Clay Aiken and the gays, but for some reason another network is about to throw out a lot of cash for Kathy Griffins: My Life on the D-List.

There’s a rumor that the network that stole Project Runway from Bravo, might be placing a bid for the Emmy-winning D-List as well.  A LARGE bid at that.

Lifetime is not just your sappy “D-List” actress movie channel anymore.

Ok who are we kidding yes they are, and they are potentially going to run shows like Project Runway down the tubes.

I will never trust a channel that offers starring roles to Jill Taylor from Home Improvement, and the entire female cast of Roseanne. (besides Roseanne)

As far as Kathy is concerned though, wouldnt being paid a larger sum of money to jump networks constitute being bumped up a list, regardless of the network you’re on?  My life on the C-List just doesnt have a ring to it.

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