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Kathy Griffin Takes Aim at Bristol Palin’s Weight on VH1 Special

Kathy Griffin was met by a chorus of boos that rivaled a Lebron James homecoming this past weekend when she hosted the VH1 Divas Salute the Troops special that aired on Sunday night. In her opening routine, she ragged on Bristol Palin as the “only contestant on dancing with the stars to ever gain weight […]

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Kathy Griffin: Kate is Enough!

Kathy Griffin debuted this funny little clip last night on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, which she portrays Kate Gosselin in a biopic that she calls “her Malcom X” Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more hilar… Jon Gosselin shows up, played by George Takei!!! Check it out below;

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Kathy Griffin Is Bigger (And Funnier) Than Jesus

Who’s funnier than hell – and Jesus? In a hilariously uncomfortable sit-down on The Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, funny lady Kathy Griffin compared her new book, ‘Official Book Club Selection‘ to the Bible. Which devout christian Kathie Lee found not so funny. Some highlights: Kathy Griffin: “I would like this […]

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Kathy Griffin Reveals New Lover On Larry King: Levi Johnston

In case you missed the funniest episode of Larry King since Heather McCartney took off her prosthetic leg on the air –  Funny lady Kathy Griffin hosted Monday’s episode of Larry King Live. Her co-star? Her date and “new love interest” from the previous night’s Teen Choice Awards, Sarah Palin’s almost-son-in-law, Levi Johnston. Some of […]

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Kathy Griffin Should Win the Best Date Award for the Teen Choice Awards

While other suckers were bringing their ‘wife’ or ‘husband’ or ‘longtime partner’ as their guest to the Teen Choice Awards, Kathy Griffin brought the best possible date- Levi Johnston, AKA that kid who knocked up Sarah Palin‘s daughter. Griffin, 48, brought the 19 year-old Alaskan to the Teen Choice Awards, and then caught some dinner […]

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Kathy Griffin Scores!

It’s being reported that star of the D-List, Kathy Griffin, has earned herself a deal in which she will be paid $2-million dollars to pen her memoirs. $2-million!!! The comedian should have no trouble writing up a ton of entertaining stories from her past!

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Quote of the Night.

“Get a job! I don’t go to your job and knock the dicks out of your mouth!” -Kathy Griffin yelling at an off camera heckler while hosting New Years Eve live from New Orleans with Anderson Cooper. Watch Kathy Griffin say ‘dicks’ on CNN go here.

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How Not to Make Friends.

You can’t call a straight guy gay and expect him to want to be your friend.  Apparently you can’t do it with Clay Aiken either… Comedian Kathy Griffin has been including Clay Aiken in her stand up for years now.  Always refering to the former American Idol star as “Gayken,” Griffin recently tried to make […]

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Is Kathy Griffin Working Her Way Off the D List???

I have never been able to sit through a whole episode of it, and I swear all she does is talk about Clay Aiken and the gays, but for some reason another network is about to throw out a lot of cash for Kathy Griffin‘s: My Life on the D-List. There’s a rumor that the […]

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Kathy Griffin Exclusive!

Proud D-Lister Kathy Griffin stopped by an ATM machine in the Valley yesterday afternoon to pick up some cash.  It’s a shame to see Kathy having to take out her own hard earned money since she was once dating a human ATM machine in Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

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