How Not to Make Friends.

You can’t call a straight guy gay and expect him to want to be your friend.  Apparently you can’t do it with Clay Aiken either…

Comedian Kathy Griffin has been including Clay Aiken in her stand up for years now.  Always refering to the former American Idol star as “Gayken,” Griffin recently tried to make amends with the now out of the closet singer by approaching him backstage at the flopped Rosie O’donnell variety show.  The result?  No new BFF for Kathy.

Griffin told reporters at the Grammy nominations, “I held up one of those ghetto blasters playing one of Clay’s songs, and I begged him to take me back and he said no.” The comedian believes she deserved some sort of a thank you for helping ease him out of the closet, but in the end all she had to say was “He was not very nice.”

Unfortunately for Clay, It’s probably only going to get worse from here on…

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One Response to How Not to Make Friends.

  1. December 4, 2008 at 3:52 pm #

    It sounds like an obvious joke from her routine. She IS a comedienne. Clay and Kathy have been friends for years.

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